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STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO – Friday 29th January, 2016 to Sunday 31st January, 2016

Valencia (Xàtiva) Tomiki Aikido - STUDY GROUP

It is our honour to have Adrian Tyndale sensei 6th DAN JAA & 6th DAN BAA for another Study Group Winter Seminar in Almussafes. It is always special when Adrian sensei visits us but this is time it also marks a very important date as it will coincide with the Valencia Tomiki Aikido 10th Year Anniversary. 

Please join us for this special event. For more information please join the event:

Es un honor tener a Adrian Tyndale sensei 6º DAN JAA y & 6º DAN BAA para otro seminario de invierno del grupo de estudio en Almussafes. Siempre es especial una visita de Adrian sensei pero en este caso marca una gran fecha puesto que coincided con el decimo aniversario de VTA. 

Unete a nosotros para esta ocasión especia. Para más información visita el evento:


STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO – Friday 29th January, 2016

Valencia (Xàtiva) Tomiki Aikido - STUDY GROUP

For this evening’s session three of the original group from ten years ago attended; Michael, Nico and Pepe. And for the first time, a guest from UK, Dr Peter Coia joined us.

To start with we presented the JAA Dan Grade Certificates and badges to the successful candidates of the JAA Grading held last year. Then, and as a tribute to the occasion, we all sang “Happy Birthday”. A video of this can be watched or downloaded on the following link:

For the content of this weekend’s seminar we wanted to recap the various seminars held over the last ten years. These amounted to some twenty occasions and as expected over this period, which involved many topics, our thinking and implementation in the approach has changed for the better. However our four basic movements in name though have not changed. They still exist but our understanding of them is better and so today they are more effective. These are namely Inside Sweep, Outside Sweep, Outside Turn and Inside Turn.

To start our session we performed some warming up exercises relating to our whole body studies. Commencing from the ankles and moving up the body to the head. To assist in the isolation of muscle groups some of the exercises were done kneeling or sitting for those with issues with the knees. The main objective was to get us to focus our mind on a specific area and exercise that area in isolation. Working on posture whilst moving we performed the Unsoku exercises with outstretched arms. For those doing this for the first time the focus is drawn immediately to the arms, this is unfortunate. With practice slowly the arms become transparent within the action. The important point is that your mind should not be pulling the arms always pushing!

We worked on the movement emanating from the foot, specifically the heel. Pushing the rear heel outwards when moving forwards and pushing the front heel inwards when moving backwards.

We studied not to brace the rear leg and not to lurch the body.

We studied examples using Gedanate and Ushiroate.

We practised keeping the body frame “Strong”.

We spoke of “Uke-learning” and how to deal with this.

Using sweeps and turns we studied how to break Uke’s frame.

For this evening’s session we covered Inside sweep and Outside sweep and exercises relating to these.

Some key points:

• Practise the movements in full.
• Use large continuous movements with no jerking.
• Use the eyes to focus on Uke
• Use both arms all the time, physical contact with one arm, mental contact with the other.

STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO – Saturday 30th January, 2016

Valencia (Xàtiva) Tomiki Aikido - STUDY GROUP

For today’s session we recapped most of Friday’s session and with some additional exercises and for the main topic we covered Outside Turn and Inside Turn with exercises relating to these.

After the seminar and an afternoon rest in the evening we enjoyed a Celebration of Ten Years. There were many new faces and everyone had a great time including another chance to sing “Happy Birthday” in drunken Spanish!


Last weekend we celebrated the 10th year anniversary of Valencia Tomiki Aikido, the association founded by our teacher Michael Thraves (5th DAN J.A.A.) to which our club in Almussafes is a part of.
We celebrated with an awesome seminar conducted by Adrian Tyndale (6th DAN J.A.A. and 6th DAN B.A.A.) and a big dinner.

This year we plan to continue with our rhythm of three weekly classes (mornings and afternoons) without any single holiday week during the year (our club never stops). We have planned some great seminars with international teachers to ensure that the level of the clubs of the association is not only maintained but increases as the years pass, we also have training trips planned to Belgium, UK and other parts of Spain to assist in seminars of relevance.

Additionally this year the club in Almussafes will be hosting the 5th European Open Club Championships (ETAN). We hope to see members from all clubs assist this new edition of the European Tournament and join us in our year of celebration. If you cannot make the tournament please feel free to join us for any training session during the year or come to one of the seminars organised by us.

Un gran fin de semana de celebración de los 10 años de Valencia Tomiki Aikido. Gran seminario de Adrian Tyndale sensei , reparto de los certificados DAN de la JAA y una gran cena con los alumnos del dojo de Almussafes y Mogente. Grácias Michael Thraves por empezar el club hace 10 años y en septiembre el Europeo smile emoticon

10º Aniversario de la asociación de Tomiki Aikido creada por nuestro profesor Michael Thraves a la cúal pertenece el club de Tomiki Aikido de Almussafes smile emoticon

Este año seguimos con nuestro gran ritmo entrenando 3 veces por semana sin ninguna semana de paro durante todo el año y con un gran plan de seminarios de profesores internacionales para asegurar que el nivel de los clubes no solo se mantiene sino que sube cada año. 

Adicionalmente este año el club de Almussafes sera el anfitrión para el 5º Campeonato Europeo por clubes de Tomiki Aikido (ETAN)
STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO – Sunday 31st January, 2016

Valencia (Xàtiva) Tomiki Aikido - STUDY GROUP

For this morning’s session a surprisingly good turnout considering the previous evening’s party.

After a recap of the previous sessions today we focussed on the application of Inside Sweep, Outside Sweep, Outside Turn and Inside Turn.

We used the Randori no Kata as our choreography and sequence and performed each technique from an assortment of Aigamae and Gyakugamae wrist grasps including a double grip to the same wrist.

And what did we learn this weekend? There is always more than one way of doing something.

Three ways of saying the same thing!

1) To progress with innovation you must move outside the box.
2) To innovate one cannot stay inside the "box".
3) For true progress and innovation you cannot remain inside the “box”.

And finally, enter “Pollito” - "baby chicken" which now replaces “Helado”

Thank you to Michael, Audrey and all who assisted in making our tenth year celebration a successful and happy occasion. 

A great start to another full year of Aikido!




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STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO - Tradition and Knowledge


Chief Instructors/Examiners Study Group Tomiki Aikido

Eddy Wolput 7th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan
Frits van Gulick 7th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan
Yoshiomi Inoue 7th Dan (JAA) - JAA Senior Instructor

Instructors/Examiners Study Group Tomiki Aikido

Adrian Tyndale 6th Dan (JAA/BAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai - International Silver Medallist
Gina De Weerdt 5th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai - former European Kata Champion
Koos de Graaff 5th Dan (JAA)
Mike Thraves 5th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai
Pierre Alain Zeiter 4th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai
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