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12th YEAR WINTER SEMINAR with Adrian Tyndale

Como siempre esta Enero habrá un seminario con Adrian Tyndale Sensei en Almussafes.

Las fechas del seminario son Viernes el 26 , Sabado el 27 y Domingo el 28.

Viernes clase empezará a las 19.00 a 21.00 seguido de cena en Almussafes.

Sabado y Domingo los clases empezaran a las 10.00 a 14.00 seguido de comida en Almussafes y cena en Xátiva

El seminario está abierto a alumnos de todos los niveles


As always this January there will be a seminar with Adrian Tyndale Sensei in Almussafes.
The seminar dates are Friday on 26, Saturday on 27 and Sunday on 28.
Friday class will begin at 19.00 to 21.00 followed by dinner at Almussafes.
Saturday and Sunday classes started at 10.00 to 14.00 followed by food at Almussafes and dinner at Xàtiva.

The seminar is open to students at all levels


Municipal Sports Centre (Pavellon)
Carrer Poliesportiu
46440 Almussafes
Valencia, Spain

GOOGLE          N 39º 17.697',  W 0º 24.843'        39º 17' 41.8"N,  0º 24' 50.6"W         39.2949510,  -0.4140450


STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO - Friday 26th January, 2018

The purpose of this weekend’s seminar is to study the connection or link between the Sternum or Brest bone (Kyokotsu) and the elbow and how we might use this to benefit our Aikido.

There were six of us present at this evening's Study Group Yudansha Session.  Initially we ran through our series of functional exercises or Exercises for Budo and Well-being.


First starting with ankle rotations this is achieved by a large circling of the hips.  For full benefit the head remains static and from the neck all the way down to the ankles is circularly moved.  The feet remain flat on the mat which further promotes flexibility in the ankles.


Cyclically rotate the vertical line between the centre of the head to the perineum.  This is done by starting with the torso and allowing the arms to freely swing and wrap around the body.  In performing this action the sensation of this central point can be felt.  The spine is not in the centre, it turns around this central axis.



Moving up the body to just above the hips, the lower abdomen, we focus our mind on the muscles in that area and move only that part of the body and the parts above it.  It is easier to start by sitting or kneeling whereby the hips cannot move.  Once the stretching sensation is felt and retained, try standing with the feet a shoulder width apart and then attempt to recreate the sensation without deliberately or intentionally moving the hips, knees and ankles.

This movement can then be extended to a diagonal stretch, starting low in the abdominals on one side of the torso and ending on the other side at the back of the armpit.  To achieve this you will have used muscles which associate with the Sternum.


To begin with we looked at moving the sternum up then back.  The sternum or breastbone is a long flat bone shaped like a necktie located in the centre of the chest.  It connects to the ribs via cartilage, forming the front of the rib cage, and thus helps to protect the heart, lungs, and major blood vessels from injury.  It is one of the largest and longest flat bones of the body.  The word sternum originates from the Greek word, meaning chest.

To speak or write about moving the Sternum is clearly an abstract as it is located amid a bone structure.  However, in realty we can move the associated muscles in this area if we focus our mind on them.



The first exercise uses those muscles to drive the elbows up and back (Arms circling backwards).  The sensation of a stretch and release in doing this is sought.


The second part of this exercise extends along the spine to the Coccyx. (Arms circling forwards)




Use the muscles associated with the Sternum to drive the elbows up into a vertical stretch.  Now bend forwards from the hip which moves the Coccyx upwards.  As the stretch is released and the arms fall, move the Coccyx forwards (between the legs) by rotating the hips.  The knees will move forwards as you then raise the Sternum vertically (stand up).  The movement of the knees is as a consequence of the action of the hips.




In a combination of the previous exercises it is possible to move the Sternum region in a multi-dimensional figure of eight, which is turned through 90°.  The movement of both elbows are simultaneous and rotate on the central body axis.  With the aid of a Jo (used in a Kayak like rowing action) this can assist in the mastering of this complex movement.  This complex exercise becomes more manageable when preceded by the exercises in the Functional Warming up sequence.


Next was "Gravity Effect" training, this was in the format of forwards and rearwards repetitive Tsugi Ashi moving.  Feeling the effect of gravity and using this to assist efficient movement is power for nothing.







Using this concept has a stabilising effect when practising Tegatana Awase.





Taïjū no Dendō: or transmission of body weight.  Shotei Awase is “not” about pushing, but about putting the body weight into the training partner.  The muscles become of course under tension, but don’t actively tense the muscles.  It is possible to lift either the left or right foot and still have a body block.  Body block is not only used during Shotei Awase, but has many applications.  Putting the weight on, is a clever application of gravity effect while keeping control.

We have the phrase, “Putting the weight on”.  This is not about getting fat.  J

But it is the ability to put your weight into that of another.



We considered how to dissipate the effect of a twist which is being applied to the arm.  This movement was absorbed by Tori as they "buckled" and wound their limbs until all was tight.  




Tori then released this stored energy by unwinding their limbs.  First Uke winds the wrist then the elbow then the shoulder through the sternum and all the way down to the opposite foot.  Tori then releases this stored energy by starting with the foot and progressively unwinding all the way up to the wrist.  This power is unstoppable by Uke.





It matters not if the wrist is free, the wrist is gripped by Uke or if Tori grips the wrist of Uke.  The link with the Sternum driven action is the same.



STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO - Saturday 27th January, 2018


Today there were just eight of us participating; it was slightly reminiscent of the first seminar held here in Spain almost twelve years ago when “Xàtiva Tomiki Aikido Club” was born.  In the light of that, today we revisited the five basic hand blade moments studied at that ground-breaking time.




We began our session of nostalgia by starting with a few “Exercises for Budo and Wellbeing”.  We progressed onto Inside Turn and Outside Turn as a study and then with an application from Koryu Dai Ichi which uses both elements together.



We took some time to work on elements of the Ukemi required for the techniques and maintaining presence when performing them.



An example of choreography where Uke prepares for Ukemi well before it is needed this makes the throw appear false.






Both Tori and Uke focus on the wrist whilst ignoring potential possible threats from the other arm, foot or head.




Uke turns away from Tori.






Shown are examples of lowering the body to complete the throw.



The Sternum or Kyokotsu drives the elbow; the elbow drives the little finger.  The shoulders remain relaxed.


We considered the concept of moving the Kyokotsu.  Here is an example of lowering the Kyokotsu to control your partner.

For the majority of students, isolating the muscle groups was too difficult to grasp because there are too many things to deliberate on.  So we decided to eliminate the legs and hips by kneeling or sitting.  This reduction of choices made it much easier locate and move the correct muscles.





STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO - Sunday 28th January, 2018

For this morning’s session there four of us participating and two watching.  Driving to the venue we passed through the worst weather I've ever experienced in Spain.  During the night there was thunder, lightning, wind and rain.

Today we addressed some of the many questions from the students and worked on elements of Koryu Dai Yon.




These are examples of Inside Sweep; the palm is turned up as Uke attempts to grip the wrist of Tori.  Tori's elbow leads the action.  Uke's wrist may be then grasped.





During the session we introduced new abstract terms to our Spanish Aikido Phrase Book which were created to assist learning:  "Bom Bom" and "Hallelujah".  In some instances the humour was so much that the observers were entertained.  It was described by one student as an enjoyable Comedy Act.  :-)

The participating students and observers each gained much from the course.  Thank you Michael and Audrey, we are looking forward to next time.




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STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO - Tradition and Knowledge

Chief Instructors/Examiners Study Group Tomiki Aikido

Eddy Wolput                 7th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan

Frits van Gulick              7th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan

Yoshiomi Inoue              7th Dan (JAA) - JAA Senior Instructor

Instructors/Examiners Study Group Tomiki Aikido

Adrian Tyndale               6th Dan (JAA/BAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai - International Silver Medallist

Gina De Weerdt             5th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai - former European Kata Champion

Koos de Graaff               5th Dan (JAA)

Mike Thraves                 5th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai

Pierre Alain Zeiter          5th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai

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