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On the 28th July, 2006 the first international Tomiki Aikido seminar was held in Xātiva.  It was taught by Adrian Tyndale, 5th Dan of the Japanese Aikido Association, and organized by the Xātiva Tomiki Aikido Club under the leadership of technical director, Michael Thraves, 3rd Dan of the British Aikido Association. 

The first class on Friday was dedicated exclusively to grading examinations for the new members of the club.  All passed satisfactorily and in spite of the short period of time that these students have been training in this martial art several of them exhibited good skills in the techniques. The new Xátiva Tomiki Aikido Club looks set to enjoy a great future thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication with which the students have taken to this martial art.

On the morning of the 2nd day, Saturday, we were joined by higher grade belts from other dojos taking the number of participants on the mat (tatami) up to 20. We all enjoyed the elegance of sensei Adrian’s moves, and the speed and grace of his techniques illustrated the 27 years of practice and teaching (adults of all ages as well as children) he has accumulated in England.

We spent several very agreeable hours training hard and learning techniques, which, while powerful, were also easy to understand and apply, allowing us to retain our smiles and good mood.  Afterwards we were able to enjoy a very pleasant lunch in a famous restaurant in Xātiva.

In the afternoon, and only for those who could endure the physical effort required for a seminar of this level, sensei Adrian delighted us with an arsenal of Tanto Randori (free practise with a simulated knife) techniques, characteristic of this aikido style.  It was an experience ideal for those devoted to sweating in their Dogi.  Upon finishing the classes and after taking the customary photos, we were all able to enjoy a pleasant supper and conversation that brought us closer as a group while planning further seminars for the future.

Vicente Ramon Lopez Alonso

English Translation:
Carlos Pittol  Tony Blake



The recently opened Xātiva Aikido Club is pleased to announce its first and successful  Tomiki Aikido Summer Seminar. The seminar was run by internationally acclaimed Aikidoka, Adrian Tyndale 5th Dan Aikido, 1st Dan Judo. 

The course ran on the 28th and 29th of July 2006 and consisted of a grading on the Friday evening followed by two seminars on the Saturday.

The first Xātiva Tomiki Aikido seminar took place over the Friday and Saturday 28th and 29th of July 2006 whilst outside temperatures were in the upper 30's.

On the Friday evening there was a grading for 9 students all of which passed and are now 5th Kyu yellow belts.

Congratulations to the first Xātiva Tomiki Aikido students to be graded:

Ferran Terol and Jose Urena
Jose Antonio Castello
Juan Carlos Diaz
Nicolas Lopez
Noel Arnau
Rafael Ramon
Ruben Avino

On the Saturday there were two seminars hosted by Adrian Tyndale Sensei. The first was from 10am-1pm, and the afternoon session was from 5pm -8pm.
The overall theme of the seminar was a study of the Ju Nana Hon No Kata (Basic 17) and applications.

Without exception the seminar was innovative and successful, combining soft and hard movements.

An example of inside-turn . . .  

. . . . and big-circle movements

The flowing circular style that Adrian Tyndale Sensei introduced really demonstrated how the use of soft but flowing circular motions put Tori in a safe position from further attack, creating Kuzushi ( balance breaking ) and neutralising thus, setting the Uke up for a technique from which there was no escape. In this instance the Kuzushi was so complete that the subsequent techniques, which were previously quite strong to be effective, were hardly needed.

Thanks to Vincente Alonso

for his role as Uke during the Seminar


In the first seminar we practiced a lot of circular movements ,and later on in the second seminar we learned how to utilise the skills that were taught in the morning by applying them to the techniques of the Ju Nana Hon both with and without Tanto.

Everyone went away with a lot to think about and looking forward to the next seminars which we are already planning for January, Easter and June 2007.  With these seminars students are encouraged to attend from all parts of Europe.

(click on frame to run video clip)
After the seminar all were invited to an evening meal at the local Chinese Restaurant.
Lychee and Ice-cream is a must!

Although the seminar featured the Tomiki system of teaching, Aikidoka from all styles were welcome.

See you all next time!

Host organiser:     Michael Thraves

Phone:            0034 966 227 6682

                      0034 677 222 388





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