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  14 Jun 2018



SPAIN 8th-10th JUNE, 2018


Aikido Seminar with Yoshiomi Inoue 7th Dan (JAA) - JAA Senior Instructor


Municipal Sports Centre (Pavellon)

Carrer Poliesportiu

46440 Almussafes

Valencia , Spain

Seminar con Sensei Yoshiomi Inoue:

Event for Valencia Tomiki Aikido · Event · by Michael Thraves

8th June at 19:00pm to 10th June at 14:00pm

Almussafes, Valencia, SPAIN


Seminario con Sensei Yoshiomi Inoue 7 Dan JAA. Este seminario es para todos los niveles y grupos. Para mas información contacte Mike Thraves


Valencia Tomiki Aikido


STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO - Friday 8th June, 2018

On this warm summer’s evening was the first session of Inoue Sensei’s seminar and after a brief warm up using Unsoku, Tandoku Undo (Tegatana Dosa) and Tegatana Awase Inoue Sensei explained that we were going to look at the first sequence of Tegatana Dosa in terms of how use with a partner to practise “soft-touch”.  Shomen Uchi scribes the curve or part of the circle with the Tegatana arm relaxing downwards.  With the next part of the sequence the Tegatana arm sweeps upwards, Shomen Ate, and also scribes a circle.  When the hand blades touch the upward movement in the wrist causes Uke’s Tegatana to rise.  The power for this is achieved by lowering the hips and driving them forwards using a Tsugi Ashi foot movement.  In the Tegatana arm each joint is stretched open; the shoulder, the elbow and the wrist.  The shoulder line is also stretched and with the shoulder blades downwards.  Inoue Sensei refers to this as “Bind” the shoulders.  When the hips move forwards, don’t bend or lean the body forwards.  Tori do not use the Tegatana to push towards Uke’s shoulder through Uke’s arm.  The study is to lower and move the hips forward whilst the hand blade curves under Uke’s hand blade.  The complete action is relaxed and not forced.  To establish this “relaxed arm” concept we worked in pairs and then in groups of three so that Tori’s movement could be monitored, checked and corrected if necessary.  

The study then moved on to Tori having their wrist grasped by Uke (reverse posture).  The reaction by Tori is to relax their arm bringing it down.  Inoue Sensei uses the word "Bind" again.  Now he refers to the closing of the armpit by lowering and moving the hips forward.  Uke’s balance is taken and Tori can use outside sweep action to move Uke – Gedan Kuzushi.  Should Uke resist this action then Tori relaxes their arm and moves backwards using Tsugi Ashi.  The connected arms rise up and Tori can establish Jodan Kuzushi.

When the wrist is grasped, don’t put your mind in the wrist, put it in the hips.  We used an application from Koryu Dai Yon – Section 3 technique 4 to practise these two levels of Kuzushi.

To close this evening’s session we looked at how to use the body weight when applying inside turn to a gripped wrist.  Once more the correct use of the hips is paramount.  In Inoue Sensei’s demonstration his hips moved so far forwards and without releasing the tension between the connected arms, it was reminiscent of Judo Sutemi Waza.  In this application the Tegatana arm remains long and does not bend at the elbow.

After the session we went to the local café-bar for some food and drinks.


STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO - Saturday 9th June, 2018

The format for today was a morning session, lunch, an afternoon session, an evening meal and drinks.

We started this morning with Unsoku, Tandoku Undo and Tegatana Awase to warm up.

It was very necessary for us all to recap what we did yesterday evening and in an attempt to further establish the ideas of Inoue Sensei.

We continued our studies of grips from yesterday with outside turn. This was practised in the same way as inside turn, maintaining a "long" Tegatana.  "Binding" the armpit and starting the movement from the hips and not from the grasped wrist.

Another phrase from Inoue Sensei was created; "Hang Your Weight".  By this he means to keep the Tegatana distance to the maximum and use your weight by lowering your body to initiate Tsukuri - throwing preparation.  Both turns were practised using the "both" hand action from the Go shin Ho techniques.

Some general pointers are:

* Always keep Tegatana distance.

* Use your body like a "piston"; vertically up and down.

* Open the chest; "Bind" the shoulder blades.


After lunch, and very appropriately, Inoue Sensei showed us various ways on how to relax your weight.  It was interesting that someone of around nine stone can feel so heavy that it was impossible to lift them.

Next we practiced what Inoue Sensei refers to as "Touch and Pick".   This was practised from meeting in Tegatana with the hand blade elevated. As the arm is brought down, by Tori lowering their weight, the hand of Uke is "Picked" using Tori's Tegatana cutting edge.  No gripping, no pulling, keep posture, relax the arm and shoulder.

We used applications of Gyakugamae Ate and Sumiotoshi to establish the concept.  After a while we moved on to Kote Hineri, Tenkai Kote Hineri and Hikiotoshi.


In the evening, and to celebrate the tenth year of Inoue Sensei attending these seminars in Spain, we had dinner and drinks outside at Xativa's local Italian restaurant.

We prepared ourselves for some forecasted rain but in reality it was only a few drops.  :-)

It was a lovely evening in all respects; thank you Michael and Audrey.


STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO - Sunday 10th June, 2018

This morning was the final session with Inoue Sensei and in his 10th year with us in Spain.  There were 13 of us in total at the start participating in some warming up with Unsoku, Tandoku Undo and Tegatana Awase.

The theory and message in Inoue Sensei's system is simple.  Keep the distance and use the extended arm of Uke against them.  The arm cannot use muscular power when it is long.  The muscles are not efficient until the arm is bent.

To maintain the arm length Inoue Sensei uses the terms, “Keep the Tension”

and "Hang Your Weight".

Even the weight of a litre bottle of water suddenly hanging in the hand will upset the balance and tip the holder forwards.  If muscular power is used to keep the arm straight by pulling, then Uke will react by bending their arm or pulling back.  If Tori leans and bends towards Uke then Uke reacts accordingly and Tori's efforts are neutralised.  The practical side of how this strategy is achieved is much harder to master and this is where many of Inoue Sensei's phrases begin to make sense.  Inoue Sensei uses the word "Bind".  This is to set the body frame enabling it to be fit for purpose.  Making or stretching the shoulder line is achieved by opening the chest and rotating the shoulder blades inwardly and down, "Bind" visualises this action in a word.

When dropping the body weight, Inoue Sensei uses the image of a piston, when standing the weight drops vertically by moving the knees.  The knees cannot be used when kneeling but the weight can still be dropped.

Initially we used Oshitaoshi and Hikitaoshi to explore these concepts.  They were chosen to illustrate that from Uke's perspective they are same.  It is the position of Tori which changes; "pushing" from behind with Oshitaoshi, "pulling" from the front with Hikiotoshi.  In fact the pushing and pulling actions blend in reality.


Some helpful notes:

·         Keep the posture upright and a Tegatana distance, no leaning into Uke.

·         Hang the weight adjusting by moving the hips.

·         Keep the wrists straight (natural) don't curl them around Uke's forearm.

·         Always cut with the hand blade, don't grasp.


We then looked at how these principles could be applied to the Ura versions; Ude gaeshi, Ude Hineri and Kote gaeshi, each having their own individual refinements but basically the message is the same.
By now we were all full to the brim and overflowing with information.  To close the session we briefly looked at Omote and Ura applications, Tenkai Kote gaeshi and Maeotoshi where the arm is still extended but with rotation.
At the end of the Seminar Roberto was presented with his JAA Shodan Certificate; Congratulations.
The seminar proved to be conceptually tricky but we all had fun with the learning experience, Thank you Inoue Sensei for your time and patience.
We are all looking forward to continuing these studies again next year.

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STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO - Tradition and Knowledge

Chief Instructors/Examiners Study Group Tomiki Aikido

Eddy Wolput                 7th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan

Frits van Gulick              7th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan

Yoshiomi Inoue              7th Dan (JAA) - JAA Senior Instructor


Instructors/Examiners Study Group Tomiki Aikido

Adrian Tyndale               6th Dan (JAA/BAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai - International Silver Medallist

Gina De Weerdt             5th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai - former European Kata Champion

Koos de Graaff               5th Dan (JAA)

Mike Thraves                 5th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai

Pierre Alain Zeiter          5th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai






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