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ETAN  (European Tomiki Aikido Network)


In an historic meeting on the 18th November, 2006, ETAN (European Tomiki Aikido Network), was formed.

The aim of ETAN is to promote the development and practise of Tomiki Aikido throughout Europe in the traditional and Waseda way.

Members and representatives from Belgium, Bosnia, Czech, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom discussed issues relating to the recent political activities in Japan and how this would affect Aikido in Europe.

ETAN is a "loose" group and will organise regular Seminars throughout Europe, which includes invitations to prominent Japanese Tomiki Aikido teachers.  An annual European Open Championship is also planned. Through ETAN a closer collaboration with participating countries is intended so that a more unified approach and better understanding of the issues will ensue.

Links with Japan will be maintained for technical and Dan Grade Registration purposes and the route chosen will be through the JAA International Division. 

A website will soon be created to further improve communications.


“Official Announcement”


ETAN (European Tomiki Aikido Network)
Initial meeting - 18th November 2006


Jim McArthur, moderator
Eddy Wolput, Tomiki Aikido Belgium
Juan Carlos Aguilar de la Serna, Malaga, Spain
Nelson Casares and Claudio Miravet, Valençia, Spain
Adrian Tyndale, Xàtiva Tomiki Aikido, Spain
Ken Broome, ­Jugokan, United Kingdom
Bob Jones, BAA, United Kingdom
John Sydenham, St. Paul’s School, London, UK
Ragib Karamehmedovic, Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina
Steven Hogg, Jugokan, United Kingdom
Frits Van Gulick, Tomiki Aikido Nederland
Patrick De Block, secretary.



An open network with its own identity in which everybody can relate with each other without loosing their own identity i.e. respect the differences and learn from them.

The main purpose is to spread aikido according to the ideas of Prof. Kenji Tomiki.

Definition of the accepted programs

Network of European Tomiki Aikido Dojos / Organisations

This is an open network to create interaction between the participating countries (organisations and independent dojos)


Maximum 3 persons represent each country, the participating countries decide amongst themselves their ­representatives.

In case of a disagreement, the annual ETAN -meeting will formulate a solution on the next annual meeting.

Workgroups for competition, seminars and grading

There is a lot of expertise amongst the participating countries, each country can send 1 person to the workgroup to set up the necessary for the ETAN events.

Ÿ       Competition : A European (ETAN) Championship will be held in the year when there is no TAIN ­Championship. This, however, is not a limit.

Ÿ       Seminar : A European (ETAN) Seminar will be held yearly. This, however, is not a limit.

Ÿ       Grading : This will be discussed in the workgroup to find a European (ETAN) solution for the ­participating countries. For those who like to have a JAA-Menjo, this will be according to JAA regulations, in this case contact the JAA liaison officer.

Ÿ       Other : items not included in the previous will be discussed in a separate workgroup.

A liaison  officer with the JAA

The JAA liaison officer will be the spokesman of ETAN to the JAA (and JAA-related organisations).

Eddy Wolput of TOMIKI AIKIDO BELGIUM is acting as the 1st JAA liaison officer.

Communication tools: a website and email

There is a front page about who we are and a page with announcements. Participating countries can publish dojo initiatives and all events on it. There is a link to every country.

There will be a Webmaster to develop the site and a logo and keep the site updated.

Contacting the ETAN

As temporary measure for all European inquiries:

Patrick De Block :  Secretary at the ETAN meeting

For all JAA-related matters please contact

Eddy Wolput :   JAA liaison officer


List of the European Network

België - La Belgique  Belgium - Bélgica


Website and email


Fudoshinkai (Borgerhout/Deurne)

Erik Pooters

+32(0)3 248 51 40

Shikado (Kapellen)

Patrick De Block  +32(0)3 665 26 58

Shobukai (Antwerpen/Kiel)

Eddy Wolput / Gina De Weerdt

+32(0)3 216 31 82 - Skype: shobukai.antwerpen


Bosnia Herzegovina


Website and email


Aikido klub “Osnivac” Sarajevo

Ragib Karamehmedovic




Website and email


Georgian Tomiki Aikido Federation

Vakhtang Sikharulidze

+99599171866  -  +99532690342

España - Spanje

Spain - L'Espagne


Website and email


Muso-ki-shin-budokai (Algemesi-Valencia)

Claudio Miravet Garcia

Nelson Casares


Adrian Tyndale

Michael Thraves

+34 677 222 388 (Michael)

+44 (0)7860 248061 (Adrian)


Juan Carlos Aguilar de la Serna

Escuela Municipal de Aikido Tomiki
Polideportivo de Ciudad Jardín
Plaza John F. Kennedy, 3 - Málaga


Nederland - Holland


Website and email


Ryo Do Kai (Den Haag)

Lambert van Hoof/Frits van Gulick


Budokan Leiden

Lorain Doppert/Ingmar Burgerhout



United Kingdom


Website and email


St Paul’s School Aikido Club

Rob Lawrance


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