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Eddy Wolput Shihan
serving the Alicante and Valencia Spanish regions
Sirviendo las regiones Espaņolas de Alicante y Valencia








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  04 Feb 2018



Eddy Wolput Shihan

     7th dan Aikido - Tomiki
     5th dan Iaido - Muso Shinden Ryu
     5th dan Jodo - Shindo Muso Ryu
     1st dan Hakko Ryu - AikiJuJutsu

Started Judo and Jujutsu (Kawaishi system) in Middle School (1963)
Changed to Shotokan Karate in 1969 after military service;
Changed to AikiKai Aikido in 1972 with Tony Thielemans as main teacher.
Hirokazu Kobayashi became principal teacher in 1973.
Promoted to shodan by Hirokazu Kobayashi in 1974;
Promoted to nidan in 1976

During the period 1972-1978 followed extensive courses and seminars with :
Nobuyoshi Tamura, Andre Nocquet and Jacques Normand (Yoseikan)
In 1976, first trip to Japan-Shizuoka for 2 months training at Minoru Hirai’s Korindo Ryu Aikido.

Converted to Tomiki Aikido in 1978 with the help of Dr Lee ah Loi and Itsuo Haba.
During a trip to Japan in 1978, training with Hideo Ohba at Waseda University and Okubo Sports Kaikan.

Promoted to sandan in 1983 by Dr Lee ah Loi

In 1985, visit of Waseda Aikido Club led by Fumiaki Shishida to Shobukai (Antwerpen - founded in 1979).

In 2009 promoted to nanadan (7th dan) by T.Nariyama and F.Shishida, both Shihan of Japan Aikido Association.

Co-founder of the European Aikido Association, resigned from EAA after Dr Lee ah Loi immigrated to Australia.

Co-founder of ETAN (European Tomiki Aikido Network), a vehicle to promote Tomiki Aikido in Europe by organising European Championships and Seminars.

A new book entitled "The Secret Weapon of Aikido" has been published by Eddy Wolput (7th dan, Japan Aikido Association). The hard backed book is described as an "advanced instruction manual for Tomiki Aikido" and its topic is the paired exercises (Sotai Dosa) created by Tomiki sensei.

Congratulations to Eddy on a book to inspire continued thought and skill practise.  These early sequences have been forgotten yet form the bedrock of the system we follow.

Adrian Tyndale congratulates Eddy Wolput


Copies of the book are available direct from:


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