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Yoshiomi Inoue Sensei y Eddy Wolput Sensei realizarán por quinto año consecutivo el seminario anual de la organización Valencia Tomiki Aikido en el club de Almussafes el viernes 10, sábado 11 y domingo 12 de Noviembre con los siguientes horarios: 

 - Viernes 10: Clase de 19:00 a 21:00 impartida por Inoue Sensei 

 - Sábado 11: Clase de 10 a 13:30 impartida por Wolput Sensei

 - Clase de 15:30 a 18:00 impartida por Inoue Sensei

 - 18:00 -> Examén oficial JAA ante panel 

 - Sábado 11: Clase de 10 a 13:30 impartida por Wolput Sensei

 - Clase de 15:30 a 18:00 impartida por Inoue Sensei

Es un placer como siempre contar con Inoue Sensei que nos viene visitando desde el 2008 y con Eddy Wolput desde el 2011. 

Cualquier interesado por favor contactar con Thraves Sensei.

Yoshiomi Inoue Sensei and Eddy Wolput Sensei will make for the fifth consecutive year the annual seminar of Valencia Tomiki Aikido at the club on Friday 10, Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 November with the following schedules:

 - Friday 10: class from 19:00 to 21:00 given by Inoue sensei

 - Saturday 11: class from 10 to 13:30 given by Wolput sensei

 - Class 15:30 to 18:00 given by Inoue sensei 

 - 18:00 -> Official exam JAA before panel 

 - Saturday 11: class from 10 to 13:30 given by Wolput sensei 

 - Class 15:30 to 18:00 given by Inoue sensei 

It's a pleasure as always counting on Inoue sensei who has been visiting us since 2008 and with Eddy Wolput since 2011. 

Anyone interested please contact Thraves sensei.


STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO –  Friday 10th November, 2017

Yoshiomi Inoue & Michael Thraves with JAA guests Masanobu Kitayama & Ujiyasu Konomi

On Friday evening Yoshiomi Inoue ran the session.  He worked on his particular style of Shichi hon no Kuzushi.


His specific points were:

"Make the tension"; Uke's balance is seized by the stretching and lowering of Tori's body.  No pulling, No bending, keep the line between the centre of the head and the perineum.

These points remain for Jodan, Chudan and Gedan applications.  How to lower the body without compromising the points made is the difficulty and consequently became the topic to study.


In the evening we all gathered for social introductions, food and drinks.

STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO –  Saturday 11th November, 2017


On Saturday morning Eddy ran the first session and in many respects some of the answers to the problems arising in Friday's session were here.  Eddy took us through several exercises which stimulated our thinking by attempting to get us to focus on movement of specific parts and areas of the body.

Because many major muscles are called on and used, apart from the mind stimulating effect, our bodies are warmed.  The purpose is to regularly use the aptly named, "Functional Warming-Up Exercises" so that the body "remembers" them.  The skill is then to be able to show the benefits of this training when performing Aikido techniques.  There is little to be gained by ritually doing exercises if the results cannot be seen when needed.  Some of the problems students experience is a stiffness of the mind and not so much the physical aspect.

During the session Eddy gave use several practical examples of how these exercises might be used to improve the efficiency of our movement and thus the techniques.


One aspect was about moving around a line which is in front of the spine but not in front of the body.  It is inside the body and it exists on a line from the centre of the head to the perineum.  This line can be inclined forwards or backwards.

If the line is moved far enough forwards then a point or state of instability is reached.

How to move from this point of instability is the study.

When you have the sensation of gravity, you will also experience the point where stability is changing into instability.

We also know that we place a foot in the direction of the instability without a conscious thought.  The body reacts naturally.

The starting point of a movement with the feet forward, backward, to the side or diagonal will happen without any extra movement.

This gives a great advantage when attacking or defending, because the opponent will not receive any indication when the attack or defence starts.  The movement starts from emptiness, the Mushin Mugamae concept.

By using the sensation of gravity and the moving from the state of instability, we will find out our natural speed during the stepping.  There is no intentional movement or no intentional power to accelerate; the stepping is completely natural.  You will find your own speed for performing the movements.



After our lunch break Yoshiomi Inoue continued with by briefly recapping his Friday session, starting with his ideas on Tegatana Awase.  Tori is faced with the Tegatana of Uke.  Sometimes it is "strong" and Tori deals with this by retracting or giving way.  If the Tegatana is "weak" then Tori enters in with a form of Shotei.  Always the movement is from Tsugi Ashi and with good body posture.  It is not a fight but a training exercise, which in this case was used for warming-up.  He gave several examples of how we can use his ideas.

Next we were introduced to grips by slightly adapting the footwork at the Tegatana contact point.  This footwork provided the avoidance without leaning the body to reach the wrist to be gripped.

An example using Kote Hineri was used to demonstrate this study.

During the session we were honoured by a visit from Claudio Miravet.  He took time-out from his medical treatment for terminal Cancer.  We were all very pleased to see him.

In the late afternoon a JAA Grading was held.

The panel comprised:

Eddy Wolput

Yoshiomi Inoue

Michael Thraves

Not all candidates were successful, so a little disappointing.


In the evening we had our customary, out-of-the-Dojo, meeting for a meal and drinks.

STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO –  Sunday 12th November, 2017

On Sunday morning Eddy Wolput began the session.

He made some comments about the Grading.  He mentioned how to improve the "Presence".

* Uke must not be "dead".

* "Seize with the eyes".

* The performance should not be "empty".

* It should not be just choreography.

We studied this aspect in terms of being gripped and with meaning.


With Tori now being correctly stimulated, this developed into the correct use of the elbow and wrist.

We used elements of Koryu Dai Ichi to study this.  We explored the idea of rotating the shoulder line, establishing a "fixed" point and then spiralling the movement from that point.  It is important not to lose where the intention is.  With the rotation it is easy to lose sight of this.

 After lunch Yoshiomi Inoue ran our final session.  The students still struggling with some of his earlier teachings, we recapped some of the key points.

To illustrate this he used elements from Basic Kata.

Sumi Otoshi

Mae Otoshi

Shomen Ate

Aigamae Ate

Ushiro Ate

Waki Gatame

 The final part was based around elements of Basic Kata - Urawaza.

Only a few techniques from the sequence were practised so that the detail could be studied.

We were now all physically tired and exhausted after this full seminar where the teachers enabled similar points to be studied but from different perspectives.  They combined in such a way as to enhance and emphasize the qualities of each other’s very complementary skills.

Sometimes even the teachers were puzzled by the student’s reactions.

So our thanks extend to Eddy Wolput and Yoshiomi Inoue for delivering a stimulating seminar and to Michael Thraves and the crew for enabling it to happen.  :-)

Now we are looking forward to January, 2018 for the Winter Seminar in  Almussafes,  Valencia,  Spain in its twelfth year.



09-10Dec2017  Antwerp BELGIUM  with Eddy Wolput 

  28Dec2017   Margate , UK  “Christmas Special” with Eddy Wolput 




06-07Jan2018  Antwerp , BELGIUM with Eddy Wolput

Jan-Feb2018   Almussafes , SPAIN with Adrian Tyndale


STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO - Tradition and Knowledge


Chief Instructors/Examiners Study Group Tomiki Aikido

Eddy Wolput               7th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan

Frits van Gulick            7th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan

Yoshiomi Inoue            7th Dan (JAA) - JAA Senior Instructor


Instructors/Examiners Study Group Tomiki Aikido

Adrian Tyndale              6th Dan (JAA/BAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai - International Silver Medallist

Gina De Weerdt            5th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai - former European Kata Champion

Koos de Graaff              5th Dan (JAA)

Mike Thraves                5th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai

Pierre Alain Zeiter         5th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai


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