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As usual the seminar will be given by E. Wolput sensei and Y. Inoue sensei and will once more dive into the depths of correct body movement , softness / muscle tone and their use in Tomiki Aikido.
On Saturday 12th after the seminar session there will be an official J.A.A. grading with a panel (as always). Anyone who would like to take part in the grading please get in touch with E. Wolput sensei.
The official seminar dinner will be Saturday night but as it normally happens all seminar attendants have lunch & dinner together, you are welcome to join us.
If you are thinking of attending the seminar please contact Michael Thraves sensei regarding final schedule and prices. 
We look forward to having you in Almussafes once again.



STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO – Friday 11th November, 2016

This evening’s session was the first of five sessions over this weekend and it was run by Eddy Wolput and with fifteen in attendance.  As usual we began with our whole body warming exercises. First Ankles, then Torso rotations, Head rotations, torso 
raising and lowering, isolation exercises; we focused on how to retract the sternum, working in pairs, to assist the checking process.

To reinforce and illustrate this movement we took a practical example from the Koryu Dai San – Standing section, the “Bear-Hug” from the rear.

• Uno – Dos - Tres
• Touch - Avoid – Grip
• Awase - Tai Sabaki – Mochi

STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO – Saturday 12th November, 2016

Yoshiomi Inoue ran this morning's session, twenty five students attended this. He used Unsoku exercises for Warming up and then Tegatana Dosa, Tegatana Awase and Shotei.

Inoue Sensei used an interesting combination of Tegatana  Awase and Shotei as a start to a technique and using this to  control Uke's balance.  An example using Sumi Otoshi was used.

• Keep Uke's hand
• Tori move their feet
• Watch Uke's elbow
• Keep the tension whilst moving

A short "Mantra" helped to keep the focus:

• Suave, Suave, Suave, Duro

To close this session we stopped for a short lunch break in the sun! :-)

After the lunch break the afternoon session was run by Eddy Wolput.  We started with a stand-up, kneel down game. The point made here was to stretch the spine vertically by moving from the sternum to aid the body rising.  We continued the session with the body warming exercises and their relationship to our Aikido techniques.  We used elements of Koryu Dai Yon to reinforce this.  To close we all practiced the first section of Koryu Dai Yon.

In early evening there was a grading to 2nd Dan with four candidates in attendance.

Anne Duguid 1st Dan
José Palau Lladosa 1st Dan
Rafael Sancirilo Mico 1st Dan
Vicente Bosch Campos 2nd Dan

Congratulations to all for a successful grading.

In the evening we took time out to celebrate with drinks and a meal.


STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO – Sunday 13th November, 2016

Eddy Wolput ran the first session. He continued working on  the idea of storing energy within the body.  By winding the torso muscles in one direction until they  "bind"; this stores energy in the body.  As the body then  unwinds, this energy is released and can be used to  strengthen a technique.

We spoke about tension and then letting go or releasing.  Letting go is not the same as relaxing.  The body frame must not collapse.  We speak about “relaxing” the elbow. To relax/release the elbow first you have to relax/release the adjacent joint; in this case the shoulder.  These points formed the basis of this session. Elements of Koryu Dai Yon were used once more to illustrate this.

After a short break Yoshiomi Inoue guided us through Koryu Dai San - Kneeling section; with several key points in the way the JAA portray it.

During the latter part of the session we worked on the first five basic counters.

The fifth session of this weekend's ended in the early afternoon. With our minds full and body drained so a light meal and drinks before our return journey's home, was very welcome.

Lastly our thanks extend to Eddy Wolput and Yoshiomi Inoue for delivering a stimulating seminar and to Michael Thraves, Vicente Bosch and the crew for enabling it to happen. :-)

We are looking forward to January, 2017 for the Winter Seminar in Almussafes, Valencia, Spain in its eleventh year.



This past weekend the 4th Annual Study Group Tomiki Aikido seminar took place in Almussafes, Valencia, Spain. The following topics were covered throughout the weekend led by Eddy Wolput Sensei and Yoshiomi Inoue Sensei:

- Warming up - more than just activating the muscles
- Creating space through the chest / back bone
- Shizentai: an adequate martial posture not just an 
empty word
- Creating power through the chest / back bone: like in Iaido 
- Creating power through correct stepping (Unsoku undo)
- Adequate weight shifting during technique
- Use of Tandoku undo for correct movement
- Focus on the down cut of Tandoku undo
- Use of Tegatana and Shotei Awase principles in the techniques
- Correct avoidance and Kuzushi in Tanto Randori
- Difference between relaxing and releasing
- Correct attacks on Koryu no kata
- Seizing the initiative on contact
- Directing as tori the second hand grab / attack versus waiting for it
- The importance of the Riai; the actual logic / principles behind the techniques, to improve our aikido instead of technique compilation
- Review and improvements on Grading’s

Additionally an official JAA grading took place. As always Grading’s in the Study Group are performed via a Panel, in this edition formed by:

- Eddy Wolput sensei (7th DAN J.A.A.)
- Yoshiomi Inoue sensei (7th DAN J.A.A.)
- Michael Thraves sensei (5th DAN J.A.A.)

Congratulations to the students who advanced to their next grade:

+ Shodan:
• Anne Duguid
• José Palau Lladosa
• Rafael Sancirilo Mico
+ Nidan:
• Vicente Bosch Campos

El pasado fin de semana el 4º Seminario Anual del Grupo de Estudio de Tomiki Aikido tuvo lugar en Almussafes, Valencia, España. Los siguientes temas fueron cubiertos durante el fin de semana por Eddy Wolput Sensei y Yoshiomi Inoue Sensei: 

- Calentamiento - mucho más que solo activar los músculos
- Crear espacio mediante el arco del pecho / espalda 
- Shizentai: una postura marcial adecuada no solo una palabra vacia 
- Generación de fuerzas mediante el arco del pecho / espalda: Iaido 
- Generación de fuerza mediante la realización de pasos correctamente (Unsoku undo) 
- Gestión adecuada del cambio de peso durante las técnicas
- El uso de Tandoku Undo para movimientos correctos
- Foco en el movimiento del corte abajo del Tandoku Undo
- Uso de los principios del tegatana awase y shotei awase en las técnicas
- Evasión correcta y kuzushi para tanto randori
- La diferencia entre "relajarse" y "soltar" : kyudo
- Ataques correctos en las Koryu No Kata
- Tomar la iniciativa al contacto
- Dirigir como Tori donde va la segunda mano / ataque vs esperar a que venga 
- La importancia del Riai, la lógica de las técnicas, para mejorar nuestro aikido y no fijarse en recopilar técnicas
- Revisión y mejoras de los exámenes

Adicionalmente se realizó un examen oficial de grados DAN de la JAA. Como siempre los exámenes de grado en el grupo de estudio se realizan via un Panel, en este caso estuvo compuesto por:

- Eddy Wolput sensei (7º DAN J.A.A.)
- Yoshiomi Inoue sensei (7º DAN J.A.A.)
- Michael Thraves sensei (5º DAN J.A.A.)

Felicidades a aquellos estudiantes que avanzaron al siguiente grado:

+ Shodan:
• Anne Duguid
• José Palau Lladosa
• Rafael Sancirilo Mico
+ Nidan:
• Vicente Bosch Campos



As you may know last weekend we had the annual Study Group Seminar in Almussafes. It is the fourth seminar we have hosted and as usual we have counted on Eddy Wolput sensei and Yoshiomi Inoue sensei to perform the seminar... if you have read my report of this seminar or any other report on a study 
group session or seminars I have cared to do one on you will find something very similar in all of them: they are a bunch of bullet points with principles & issues.

Initially you might consider that I just did an executive summary of the "Aha!" moments of the seminar instead of explaining the katas that we did and maybe explain when the points raised and .... not really: we do not do kata at the seminar, sorry.

What do you mean you do not do kata? What do you do then? 

Well we of course do the standard exercises (and some other stuff), techniques, free play... but that is just the most adequate vessel to explain the actual topic the teacher (whoever it is at that moment) wants to cover. We jump from a technique in Junana Hon to another technique in a Koryu no kata to some Randori avoidance drill to go back to the initial technique.... to correctly cover the topic (issue or principle) and secondary problems that also arise from it.

This isn't your typical let’s do Koryu Dai X seminar.

Although the seminar teachers do have an initial idea of what topics to cover on the seminar (although I am never told what it is going to be, you have seen the seminar posters...) in reality what happens is that after these initial topics are introduced (that are usually some type of correct movement that is missing in our practice) the rest of the seminar is spent fixing issues and questions that are generated due to them. 

Usually the seminar just grows organically as Eddy and Inoue try to fix, answer the attendants, or point out general issues as they do the rounds on the tatami and see how we are coping with whatever we are trying to do at the moment. From time to time revisiting the topic in another context (technique, exercise, Randori drill), to complete our vision of it or maybe seeing if we can actually grasp the true meaning by looking at it from another angle.

Hence instead of having a kata centric seminar we have a chaotic structure built upon certain topics (issues and principles) tailored on the fly to actually improve the competence level of the attendants on specific skill sets.

...versus attending a maxed out technique compilation seminar...



09-11Dec2016 Antwerp, BELGIUM with Eddy Wolput


07-08Jan2017 Antwerp, BELGIUM with Eddy Wolput, New Year Kampai
21-22Jan2017 Paris, FRANCE with Sensei Hino
27-29Jan2017 Almussafes, SPAIN with Adrian Tyndale
18-19Feb2017 Antwerp, BELGIUM and Paris, FRANCE with Eddy Wolput
18-19Mar2017 Antwerp, BELGIUM with Eddy Wolput, JAA Grading
29-30Apr2017 Antwerp, BELGIUM with Eddy Wolput
13-14May2017 Sofia, BULGARIA with Eddy Wolput
17-18Jun2017 Antwerp, BELGIUM with Eddy Wolput
19Jun2017-29Aug2017 SUMMER BREAK
30Aug2017-03Sep2017 International Tomiki Aikido Festival in Akita
07-Oct2017 Antwerp, BELGIUM with Eddy Wolput
11-12Nov2017 Almussafes, SPAIN with Eddy Wolput
09-10Dec2017 Antwerp, BELGIUM with Eddy Wolput

 - Tradition and Knowledge

Chief Instructors/Examiners

Eddy Wolput 7th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan
Frits van Gulick 7th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan
Yoshiomi Inoue 7th Dan (JAA) - JAA Senior Instructor


Adrian Tyndale 6th Dan (JAA/BAA)
 - JAA-Shihan Dai - International Silver Medallist
Gina De Weerdt 5th Dan (JAA)
 - JAA-Shihan Dai - former European Kata Champion
Koos de Graaff 5th Dan (JAA)
Mike Thraves 5th Dan (JAA)
 - JAA-Shihan Dai
Pierre Alain Zeiter 4th Dan (JAA)
 - JAA-Shihan Dai

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