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STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO - Friday 13th November, 2015
Valencia (Xàtiva) Tomiki Aikido - STUDY GROUP

This evening’s session started with a brief warm up.
Eddy explained some ideas on Unsuko training. Some key points are:
* Moving forward to the diagonal front corners. 
* The back leg shape keeps a constant bend and moves swiftly in the direction of the front leg.
* When moving backwards the front leg pushes into the ground and moves swiftly in the direction of the back leg
* Posture remains upright with the balance always between the feet. There are three zones, the posture remains in the middle zone.
* No lurching of the upper body.
* On commencing the body slightly sinks and remains there.
* The arms are relaxed and slightly forward of the Torso.
* The line through the toes of the rear foot are on a parallel line with the front foot.
* Similarly when moving to the front corners the trailing leg stretches to initiate the movement.
* To the rear corners the front leg stretches as the rear leg makes the mawashi action.
We did not practice the sideways moves, but the principle is the same.

On Saturday we have morning and afternoon sessions with Eddy Wolput and Yoshiomi Inoue.

To close there will be a JAA Grading to 5th Dan.

STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO - Saturday 14th November, 2015

Valencia (Xàtiva) Tomiki Aikido - STUDY GROUP

This morning's Seminar was directed by Yoshiomi Inoue.

We worked on Tegatana Awase and some interesting footwork practise linked to Shotei. Some key points are:

* Touch and move.
* If your partner's stance is too strong, "bounce" away, another chance will happen.
* Don't use force against force.

Aigame Ate practice some key points:
* First Tegatana tension.
* Shotei on the elbow "bind" or "bond with" the arm
* "Hang" laterally by sinking the posture, don’t pull on the arm.

Gyakugamae Ate practise, some key points:

* "Hook" and "Pick" progressively, first the little finger then the ring finger and so on. Do not grasp the wrist.
* Control the elbow not the wrist.

As a mark of respect to the lives lost in France yesterday we held a one minute silence.

The afternoon session was run by Eddy Wolput.

After our warming up exercises with fuller explanations we worked on more examples of how to improve footwork. Moving with smaller steps helps to maintain posture, balance and stops “lurching”.
This included practical examples when kneeling and some applications from Koryu Dai Roku.

After the seminars a JAA Grading


Candidates with their new grades:
Michael Thraves 5th Dan
Juan Rabada Muñoz 2nd Dan
Miguel Llop Monteagudo 2nd Dan
Mario Vigueras Nieto 1st Dan
Oscar Gonzalez Mas 1st Dan
Jose Angel Dubal Cano 1st Dan
Vicente Cuesta Reig 1st Dan
Carlos Armero 1st Dan

Congratulations to all, a good grading.

STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO - Sunday 15th November, 2015

Valencia (Xàtiva) Tomiki Aikido - STUDY GROUP

This morning’s session was run by Eddy and we discussed the three basic lines in the body - Three opposing force-lines in the body.


Keep those lines.
Tori, their lines are dominant.
Uke should also try to keep the lines.

We applied this thinking to sweeps and turns Jodan, Chudan and Gedan then to Tegatana Awase.
Using small steps helped immensely to maintain the lines.

Afterwards, and with Inoue Sensei, we practised his ideas from inside and outside sweep.

He used examples from the Counter Kata and Randori champion, Shimada, to illustrate these.

Try not to brace but absorb the energy from the movement.
Always be prepared to move.

RH cut down no grip, no pull
Left leg absorb at the same time
LH slide and pick down the bicep with the fingers pick the inner elbow with the middle finger.


Awesome Study Group seminar this last weekend with Eddy Wolput and Yoshiomi 
Inoue Lots of topics covered ( and a lot to think about ): 
1. Stepping adequately
- Unsoku undo - pushing into the floor and using the bounce to step
- Small steps better vs large steps
- Back foot power line crossing the ball of the foot to push forwards the front 
foot contact point to push backwards
- Maintaining the body at the same height during movement 
- Adequate tenkai foot movement: issues when not turning on the spot ( turning 
with a step back ) or in not turning the amount required to affect Uke 
- Keeping the three lines while walking ( extreme small steps ) 
- mud walking 
2. Focusing on the movement instead on focusing on the techniques
- Performing sotai dosa movements correctly and using them adequately in 
- Paired exercises to use sotai dosa movements for initial kuzushi 
- Improving your basic movements and seeing the basic movements in techniques 
will always be better than technique training. 
- Creating power by elongating muscles instead of by contracting them 
- For each ounce of up power we want we need to generate the same amount of down 
- Using the sotai dosa movements to perform tsukuri with a relaxed arm : hanging 
and bonding instead of pushing and pulling 
- Using sotai dosa and the ground to perform proper tsukuri for kihon ura waza 
- The three lines of the body and how it impacts Uke 
- Practical usage in randori: examples of how top Japanese players apply 
techniques using these principles
3. Using the opponents power against him:
- Keeping a relaxed body while moving
- Using a flexible wrist , elbow , shoulder to be able to meet up 
- Bouncing tegatana awase exercise 
- Using the bounce to go back in and perform kihon techniques ( an awesome intro 
into toshu randori or how we see the kihon )
4. JAA gradings with ( as usual ) top grading panel : Eddy Wolput sensei, 
Yoshiomi Inoue sensei and Adrian Tyndale sensei



20 – 22NOV2015 with Eddy Wolput in Antwerp, BELGIUM
11 – 13DEC2015 with Eddy Wolput in Antwerp, BELGIUM



01 08-10Jan2016 Antwerp 06 03-05Jun2016 Antwerp
01a 29-31Jan2016 10th Year Celebration, Almussafes 07 15-17Jul2016 Antwerp
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05 06-08May2016 Antwerp 11 11-13Nov2016 Almussafes
05a 20-22May2016 Bulgaria 12 09-11Dec2016 Antwerp


STUDY GROUP TOMIKI AIKIDO - Tradition and Knowledge


Chief Instructors/Examiners Study Group Tomiki Aikido

Eddy Wolput 7th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan
Frits van Gulick 7th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan
Yoshiomi Inoue 7th Dan (JAA) - JAA Senior Instructor

Instructors/Examiners Study Group Tomiki Aikido

Adrian Tyndale 6th Dan (JAA/BAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai - International Silver Medallist
Gina De Weerdt 5th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai - former European Kata Champion
Koos de Graaff 5th Dan (JAA)
Mike Thraves 5th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai
Pierre Alain Zeiter 4th Dan (JAA) - JAA-Shihan Dai
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